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This Is Literally Your Brain on Drugs (Health) 7/17 5:00A Andrew Jacobs
A small new study shows reactions in the brain in people who were given psilocybin in a controlled setting.

What Parents Should Know About Cord Blood Banking (Health) 7/14 11:00P Sarah Kliff
Millions of parents have paid to bank blood from their infants’ umbilical cords. But storage companies have misled them about the cells’ promise.

No Contact America (Health) 7/13 11:00P Ellen Barry
Encouraged on social media, many Americans are estranging themselves from their families as a therapeutic step.

3 Presumed Bird Flu Cases Reported in Colorado (Health) 7/13 5:05A Isabella Kwai
The cases, which have yet to be confirmed, were identified in farmworkers culling infected birds. The risk to the public remains low, health officials said.
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