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Germany Mandates Measles Vaccine (Health) 11/14 3:49A Melissa Eddy
All children attending preschool or higher in the country must be immunized, with fines for parents who do not comply, under a law that is to take effect next spring.

Apple’s Reach Reshapes Medical Research (Health) 11/14 1:59A Natasha Singer
The company’s tools enable researchers to track huge numbers of people. But doctors do not yet know if it will significantly improve health outcomes.

The Llama as Therapist (Health) 11/13 10:00P Jennifer A. Kingson
The charismatic llama is a welcome addition at some nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

To Make This Tofu, Start by Burning Toxic Plastic (Health) 11/13 9:56P Richard C. Paddock
Plastic waste from America, collected for recycling, is shipped to Indonesia. Some is burned as fuel by tofu makers, producing deadly chemicals and contaminating food.

Dear Reader: Watch Where You’re Going (Health) 11/12 10:01P Brian X. Chen
You know you do it: texting and walking at the same time. It’s not safe, obviously. Here’s how to take control of your tech use.
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